Due to network restrictions our SIMs will only work in a limited range of modems.  At present the only 4G modems capable of providing full speed access to our network are the Huawei B315 (our current model) or the previous Huawei B593. If you have a compatible modem you can buy a SIM only plan here.  Please note that due to restrictions between the IMEI number of your modem and the hardware locks on our SIM cards, we cannot guarantee that a SIM will work on your own device.  If you are unable to connect using your SIM, you will have the option of returning the SIM to us or upgrading to a plan with a modem.

If you have an alternative router that you would like to use for your local network, you can usually achieve this by connecting the LAN output of the Huawei router to the WAN port of your own equipment.

Note: in case you need technical support, we’ll try our best to help but we can’t guarantee complete troubleshooting support for routers not obtained through DiscoverNET. There are many router brands and models in the market, each with their own individual features and we may not be familiar with your particular router’s specifications.