phone plan +

phone plan +

phone plan +

phone plan +

Phone Plan +

From: $25.00 / month

Add phone service to your DiscoverNET wireless broadband.
Includes unlimited local and national calls
Connect a standard telephone to your DiscoverNET router


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Phone Plan + is a phone service add-on for your DiscoverNET wireless broadband service.

Our phone service allow you to plug any conventional phone into the port on the back of your modem to make calls like you would from a regular landline.


Free local and national calls

You get free local and national calls to landlines. Calling NZ mobiles is $0.35 per minute.


Keep your existing landline number

We can port your existing landline over to our service for a one off fee of $20.


Service Limitations

Phone Plan + requires mains power and should not be relied on as a method to contact 111 emergency services, phone directory listings, health line, old security alarm systems, etc. However, if you do make a 111 call, we will connect it if possible. The operator will not know your physical location so you will need to provide this information to them.

You’ll need to keep a landline phone connections if you use (or intend to use):

  • A medic alarm link through a phone line
  • Fax
  • A monitored building alarm through a phone line
  • The SKY remote to download SKY ‘pay per view’ movies or games, or SKY betting. You can still order SKY ‘pay per view’ movies or games by calling SKY TV
  • 3 way calling or audio conference features

To ensure the best quality calling, each time you make a call, the connection speed drops from 4G to 3G for the duration of the call.